Return and Refund Policy facilates the processing the correct medication to the consumers and we strives to provide our medications in the right condition without any damage to it. We are vividly recommend the items that are examined at the time of delivery to the customers.

So here ‘Return” means is an action of giving back the items that is ordered in Levitra online pharmacy and we are recommending our users to read the following situations which may cause for the return of the product.

  1. The product which is delivered to the customer is not the product what they desired.
  2. The product delivered are expired or near to its expiry date. (Drug with less than 3 months is considered as the expiry)
  3. The product that is delivered with the damage that is transit. (Do not accept the product if the package seal is broken)

Note: Please note that we will not promise for the replacement or refund if the item is damaged by the manually with or without intention of the user.

In some unlikely situations, if something wrongly happens with the order we are ready to assist you and resolves all your concerns. After opening the product seems damaged then there is chance to get for the refund or replacement of the product.

You can also rise for the refund of the money by approaching our customer support team with in seven days from the delivery of the product. has the rights to cancel the return request if the user raised for the refund after the seven days.

So apart from receiving the refund or return request, levitra-without-prescription shall examine the nature of the request. If the request from the user is genuine then we will initiate the process of refunding or replacement. We have the rights to cancel or take action against the request if it is not genuine. We shall governs for the process if the concerned user raised the request in order contents of the product relating to the refund.

The returns are subjected to the below points

  1. Invoice or batch number mentioned in the item should be same as in the invoice upon returning.
  2. Any wrong ordering the item from the user end doesn’t taken into consideration as a return.
  3. Item being returned should have be with the original manufacturer package i.e. original price tags, labels, barcode etc.
  4. It is not taken into the consideration if the product is partially opened or half used strips etc. The fully unopened package should be taken into account for return / refund.

Return Process

  1. To intimate the return of the item please visit our contact page or simply make a call to customer support team.
  2. So have taken the claim into the consideration within 72 business hours after the complaint has been registered by the consumer.
  3. Once the claim is identified as the genuine or reasonable then we will commence the process of refund.
  4. The user would be asked for the packing the product with the precise package.
  5. The refund process will be completed within 30 (business) days from the date of issue being raised.

Refund process

If determines the claim is genuine and reasonable then the refund will be made as below.

  1. Order that is placed with the use of e-check, the refund will be credited to the e-check.
  2. Even if the order is placed with the use of mastercard or western union then the refund amount would be credited to the customer account.

Note: For safer side we usually we refund the amount to the customer bank account.

For any queries with respect to the refund or return policy please write to