Privacy Policy

We are much concerned about our loyal users and we know how important is that your sensitive medical data. So we have taken the necessary steps to protect your privacy. This privacy policy is provided to make intent that how collects, uses and manages the information of the users to this site. knows the value of personal information of users as an important issue. So that we are committed to maintaining the security of the personal information provided by the user while accessing this website.

We collects the following information regards all the visitors to the site. IP addresses, information regarding what pages the user currently accessed, information voluntarily provided by the user such as like (email address, contact information etc.) time spent on the site. These details are collect only for the statistical purpose.

We use these information to provide the purposeful experience to its users when they are about to visit the site in future. Through this analysis improves and updates the site to improve the user interface experience.

The user information is not viable to the online since the user can login, view products no information can be stored in the online which is associated for the others to examine. All information provided by the users are stored in the database. The database information won’t go online.

No information is gathered to identify the users or their browser activities except in the event of investigation where the law enforcement agency is asked for the internet logs or we believe that there is the requirement to submit the electronic documentation that is fulfil the obligations to the third parties under the law.


A cookie is a small set of file which is pushed to the hard drive when you visit them. This cookie file contains the such information like user ID which is intent to track the pages whichever pages you have visited. The only personal information that is collected by cookie is information that you have suppliedsss personally. This cookie which we used cannot read data off of hard drive or other codes or text files which is pushed by the other websites or browsers.

We may use the cookies time to time to record the track of the user. The main purpose of this is to serve the better experience to the users when they visit us in future. You will be provided with the option by the browser you is that you will be asked or notified for the cookies to accept or to reject it. Due to which the transactions are governing in this website the customers wish to conduct the transactions can make use of this website so that can able to access the full functionality of the site.


By concerning the loyal customers privacy we take all necessary measures to protect the personal data from the theft, unauthorized access, misuse or disclosure. We have electronic and physical procedures to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized. We have two options like MasterCard and E-check which is provided to our customers. Thereby this is the way that we are committed to protecting the data of our customer.

Below are the main concerns that we committed to protect the data of our users.

  1. Information that a customer shares with would be kept private and no one can access it. It includes name, credit card number, CVV number, address, phone number and account number.
  2. We value our customer’s privacy hence we would not sell or produce any information about them to any third party. However, there is an exception; we would be in a position to give the details if the court asks us to produce.
  3. Apart from getting personal information, we would also be getting non-personal details of a person. This is to improve the search results however it can also be disabled by you.