Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions which may arise in your mind while buying Levitra online so that we separated a section for most commonly asked questions, where you can find answers for all your questions.

What sort of prescriptions do you accept?

We do accept the prescriptions that are internet generated and those have to obtain the conventional method of a proper doctor consultation. However, we could do check the
authenticity of the prescription before proceeds to placing the order.

How much does online prescription cost?

The cost of prescription basically depends on the place that you have chosen for your consultation. There are certain reputed portals provide the internet prescription without cost, while some charge a nominal amount. Even though they charge for a prescription, the cost will be lesser than what it would cost you conventionally so no need to worry about it.

Can I be able to buy Levitra from local drugstore using the internet prescription?

Yes, you will be able to do such, since the provided prescription is been licensed.

Is internet prescription is legitimate?

This is coompletely depends on the place you land on. When you choose the right place thereby the prescription is verified by the doctors in the mode of respective authorities of the country. So that such a medical script is 100% legal. Take a complete filteration process before heading towards the online pharmacy.

Is it legal to buy Levitra without a prescription?

Yes, you can place your Levitra order without a prescription, but you should hold a valid prescription at the time of delivery. The drug classified under prescription-only substance so getting this medication without Rx is not a lawful action. Thereby, your drug package can be seized by the customer if you do not have a valid medical script. By considering the fact, make sure you have either internet prescription or doctor prescription to avoid unnecessary issues.

Do you have overnight shipping?

Yes, we have an option of overnight shipping, but it may cost a little bit more than a regular mode of shipping. However, it is affordable when compared to other places. We offer free overnight shipping to our clients who made their order for more than $100.

Will you refund if the order is stuck in customs?

It completely based on the issue. If customs seized your drug package because of our mistake, then we refund your money or else we would not. To know more about the refund, please visit to refund page.

What are the benefits do I get when buying Levitra from you?

As stated already you will get authentic Levitra medication at very low price. Also, we could offer various payment and shipping options, customer service, free prescription, refund, availability of both versions of medications, FDA approved Levitra medication etc. Do you think we need more than that?

When can I expect my Levitra package be delivered?

It would take up to 21 business days for your parcel to get delivered in case if you choose the minimal shipping option.

Will you refund my money if delivery get unsuccessful?

We request you to refer our privacy policy and shipping policy.