Can ED Drug Levitra Protect The Heart?

levitra protect heart

A recent research shows that Levitra has the potential to protect you from heart related disorders. In this article, lead author Andrea M. Isidori from Sapienza University discloses more about the medical research and result.

Everyone’s known about Levitra (Vardenafil). It was the second phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor (PDE5i) prescribed for treating male Erectile Dysfunction condition. There are some individuals who know about the other useful impacts and potential new purpose this ed medication

PDE-5 inhibitors including Levitra were initially tried for heart disorders such as angina pectoris, and heart-related chest pain because of its vasodilatory effects (widens the blood vessels). As an anti-angina medication, the drug outcome result was only modest, not as expected. But patients have noticed certain unforeseen side effects and one of the major side effects was improved erection. At the moment, the focal point of the medication has shifted from heart problems to erectile problems.

Levitra changed the sexual experiences of millions and ended up a standout amongst the most economically amazing medications in the pharmaceutical field. Statics shows that over 16 millions of individuals have taken 1.1 billions of tablets within a year.

However, the success of Levitra medication was accompanied by sudden deaths as well as cardiovascular occasions. Regardless, ensuring huge reconnaissance ponders blending information from placebo-controlled clinical preliminaries; International Men’s Health Study (IMHS) showed that myocardial localized necrosis and all-cause death rates for Levitra were like placebo treatment, proposing that its utilization was not related with any more serious hazard.

Early reports of cardiovascular side effects

The main reason for the side effect is incorrect to use along with nitrates products. This can result in intense blood pressure drop and join with the expanded oxygen required amid sex. As a result, the drug will unfavorable for men who have heart disorders.

To be honest, this is the consequences of various types of conditions that happening at the same time. It is not a big concern if you taken Levitra correctly according to your doctor advise. Nevertheless, use of this ed medication was constantly thought to be a hazardous drug for heart disease patients in general people mind.

Time to change the bad impression of the Levitra

These days, PDE-5 inhibitors medications are prescribed for several other medical conditions such as lower urinary tract symptom, pulmonary arterial hypertension and so on.

Besides, these type of drug has been continuously prescribed for several medical problems including erectile function rehabilitation, alleviation of the indications of benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder disorder treatment; respiratory drug, and urology, pulmonary hemodynamic effects; neurology, for Raynaud’s phenomenon treatment, to safe the brain from injury; Rheumatology.


The medical experts formed an organization in order to study the effects of PDE-5 drug administration. They found that continuous administration of Levitra enhances cardiovascular performance along with that the drug has an anti-remodeling effect without the influence of vascular parameters. The study suggests that the effect of the medication will directly affect on the heart.

The study additionally investigated the subgroup identification of patients which may benefit them more from PDE-5 drugs such as heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy patients, patients with maladaptive remodeling which leads to different injuries, in which the cardiovascular pump never again functions admirably.

This was the first investigation which proves that continuous administration of PDE-5 inhibitors drugs will improve the cardiovascular effect, in a similar way it decreases heart rate as well. As a result, patients will be able to live for a longer time and a quality lifestyle. Most importantly, the potential of the effect seems to be similar with the drugs that are used for clinical conditions treatment.

Most strikingly, the research found that PDE-5 medications are among a specific couple of medications that can enhance diastolic unwinding. In this manner helping the right refilling of the ventricle after every constriction, an about one of a kind element in drugs utilized as a part of cardiology, and with mind-blowing for future advancement in the aversion of heart-related problems.

There are lots of elderly patients who are suffering from various stages of cardiac disorders so that taking Levitra will help to alleviate the disorder in a safe manner. In addition, daily administration of the medication is really safe and does not cause any adverse risk when compared to other medications. You can buy this ED medicine from authentic Levitra Pharmacy to avoid health mishaps.

It is time for other research center and medical experts to make a deep study of the effects of PDE-5, in particularly, Levitra medication on cardiac architecture. By means of that, people may come to know that Ed drug Levitra will definitely protect the heart and also alleviates heart-related disorders.

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