levitra for ejaculation disordersLevitra is a PDE5 used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), but it has also proven to be effective in managing the different ejaculation disorders. Although the drug has not been approved for use in these climax issues, the medicine is prescribed on an off-label basis.

The drug itself is quite effective and relatively safe to take compared to other similar ED medications like Viagra and Cialis. The healthcare provider would decide on the suitable dosage and also the concomitant treatment needs of the individual according to the type of orgasm disorder and then would prescribe you to buy Levitra to get cure from the problem.

What are the types of ejaculation disorders?

There are four major types of ejaculation problems that men experience. The failure in ejection can occur from physical, medical or psychological causes. Usually, the cause is identified and suitable treatment is provided. Using the ED drug Levitra provides the user the ability to overcome the issue. These are the common types of disorders and how using the ED drug could aid in managing the problem:

  • Premature ejaculation– Rushed orgasms often occur when there is psychological pressure to perform. ED drugs like Levitra help to control the pace and also last longer.
  • Retrograde ejaculation – This problem occurs when the semen moves into the urinary bladder instead of the urethra. The retrograde condition is treatable by first checking the cause.
  • Delayed ejaculation – This condition is characterized by a prolonged period of sexual stimulation before the orgasm is achieved. Taking the ED medication can help to erection to get harder with the improved blood circulation.
  • Failure to ejaculate– This problem is more psychological than neurological or anatomical. Whatever be the cause, Levitra can help promote a strong erection that can tackle performance anxiety and also give the required holding power till the result is achieved.

How does Levitra work to treat ejaculation problems?

ED and ejaculation disorders do not always occur together, though they are known to be sexual dysfunction issues. Since Levitra is primarily used for ED problems, many wonder how it is possible to use the same drug for ejection disorders as well. The drug works by relaxing the arterial blood vessels to enhance the rush of blood required for a hard erection during sexual arousal. Levitra is the preferred choice as it works even in small doses with fewer risks of side effects. Moreover, the drug is suitable and effective in people of all age groups and even those with existing health problems like diabetes.

The Levitra dose begins taking effect within an hour after taking and lasts for about four to six hours on average. The healthcare provider may also prescribe an antidepressant so that pleasure center in the brain is controlled and ejaculation is delayed. It is recommended to take the dosage only as directed by the doctor for the best results.

The pill does not have any direct bearing on the disorder but the ED drug can aid in more ways than one. For premature ejaculation, the drug may not be suitable for delaying the orgasm. However, the same ED drug can be used to be ready again with a hard erection quickly by reducing the refractory period, which is the time taken to become erect again after the ejection. With harder and stronger erections, Levitra does indeed come in useful when managing the different ejaculation disorders.