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Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions in people’s mind when they buy drugs online. To solve those issues we have tried to reply some of the important questions of customers.

How can you order the Levitra without Rx?

order levitra online without rxPeople have to choose an online pharmacy with online doctor consultation option. Only when you find a site like this, it is possible to order the medication without Rx. After you enter into the website, click on the icon that represents online medico consultation. It would take you to another page where you would be asked to upload your medical records. Make sure that you do not miss out any of your records. Once this is done, it is also very essential that you fill the answer for the questions that have been asked related to your health condition.

After this, you can choose the doctor to whom you want to do your consultation further going about fixing the time for doing it. This process is also very simple; you just have to pick a comfortable slot provided by the site.

The doctor online would examine the health condition with the documents provided by the person. The conversation between the medical professional and you would be done either through a phone call or through skype. Once the medico is convinced that you need these pills then you would be offered with an online prescription.

Where can you get Levitra without a medical script?

Any legitimate online pharmacy like ours that satisfies your expectation would be the right place for you to procure your Levitra pills with no prescription. We would not provide the medication to the ones who actually do not need it. Never ever get street drug as it is illegal and would not promote good health.

Check the site properly before doing the business with them. Ensure that they are approved and analyze whether they follow the rules and regulations of the country.

Is Levitra 20mg the best dose for treating ED?

levitra 10mgThough Levitra medication is available in different dosage strengths, the best dose for a man to treat impotency is 20mg. This is the general dosage strength that is usually prescribed to a person. The minimum dose of is 5mg and it can go up to the maximum of 20mg in a day.

The lowest dose is given to older people whereas the highest dosage strength of this medication is prescribed to a man who did not attain necessary effectiveness through the medication. However, the success rate of the 20mg dose is still high and most men prefer only this.

Levitra 20mg dose is nothing but the quantity of the active ingredient Vardenafil present in the tablet is 20mg. It also has other additives like inactive ingredients that are used as a binding agent.Though this is the best dosage strength, doctor consultation is still needed before taking the pills.

Is it legal to buy Levitra without a prescription?

buy levitra legallyYes, it is legal to buy the Levitra pill without the medical script over the net provided at least you have an e-prescription. These online medical scripts are also laws which mean that the authorities would accept this as a genuine way.

Now, counterfeit sites have also started to fake a prescription. So you have to be very careful because the laws in the country would not accept any excuses.

In case, your medication package is seized by the customs it is possible for you to produce this online prescription and claim your parcel. You would not be put in trouble as you have a proper Rx for the pills.